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Mission statement:

Core Motion Athletics mission is to provide the necessary tools that each individual needs in order to reach above and beyond their physical performance goals.

Whether that is pain free movement, body fat reduction, increased strength, or simply a healthier lifestyle change; Core Motion Athletics can provide those changes in a fun, safe, and effective environment.

Small Group Training

Core Motion Athletics training philosophy is simple…Train the body to work at higher levels of performance than are needed for the activities each individual uses it for...

Volleyball, Speed and Agility

All classes, packages, and appointment times can all be booked online now! Click here for more information. There is limited space available per class so sign up early to...

Active Release Techniques

Mike is a full body A.R.T. provider with advanced Long Nerve Entrapment and SFMA/Active Palpation specializations. With the use of A.R.T., Mike can quickly and effectively...
Pain free movement, body fat reduction, increased strength, healthier lifestyle change.