Meet Mike

By nature, I am an observer and researcher. I really enjoy watching people’s mannerisms and studying how they move. I do it all the time. It is partly how I learn, since I am mostly a visual learner. I like to study all aspects of a subject of interest, which includes the good and the bad. At times, I will focus more on the bad aspects so I can understand all the risks involved, what to avoid, and why not to do it. Even though I am very analytical, I am a simple man. Simplicity adds such a beautiful elegance to life for me. Seeing simple things efficiently at play amongst such a complicated backdrop that this world too often provides, reminds me to step back from all that complexity and ask, “What’s next in my journey that I can make simpler?”

Do you ask yourself, “What’s next?” If not, maybe it is the time to find out how proper strength training and A.R.T. can make your life easier!